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Varius Manx - " The Gardeners "

Professional Greenhouses

Why are professional greenhouse kits and outdoor structures important to horticulturalists and gardeners everywhere?

What are professional greenhouses?

Whether it is a back yard
greenhouse or a large commercial one, there are some important factors
about these greenhouses.

One of them is that for the most part they are a
completely sealed environment, with ventilation systems that control
the amount of heat and humidity within. Extensive precautions are taken
to make sure that only beneficial insects are allowed within the
greenhouse, such as bees and ladybugs.

You don't have to be a commercial grower to own professional
greenhouses, there are many smaller sizes that fit just as good in the
back yard.

What you choose to do with your professional greenhouses is up to

No matter what you are using your professional greenhouses for, there
are some tips that can help you.

One of them is placement.

Even if you are not using
a permanent foundation, this is important because if something happens
and these companies have to dig up to fix or replace lines, you are
going to have a heck of a time moving your greenhouse. While not always
needed, it is also a good idea to go down to your local planning office
to make sure if you need a building permit, especially if it's a large

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Frequently Asked Questions...

Question for the gardeners..When can I start planting peppers and squash?

Hi! I have a question for gardeners....I live in PA and I was wondering when do I start planting peppers, squash, cucumbers and small simple veggies like these. We only ever had tomatoes and I would like to extend the garden. Please, any information would be helpful from others that have already grown these and could give me their tips. Much appreicated ! Thank you very much & have a great day! :)

Best Answer...


i'm in delaware.

if you are starting from seeds start now. they need to be well on their way to maturity before the last frost. we have about 6-8 weeks with the way our weather has been around here lately.

plant them in mid april in to may.

i'm growing a ton of tomatoes, hot peppers, cukes, beans and peas.. oh beets too this year.

you can companion plant too. peppers between tomatoes. and cukes btwn tomatoes works too. you can put a trellis up for your cukes to grow up instead of lay on the ground. it will prevent mold and rotting.

i can also recommend a few seed sharing groups where you can ask for free seeds. some might ask you to send a sase but that's as much an expense as you will find. saves spending a buck or more for a packet of seeds of which you only use a few seeds.

email me if you want more info on anything above mentions