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How To Be A Gardener 7 - The Productive Garden

Outdoor Garden Furniture Options-Teak Garden Furniture

Teak garden furniture, wicker furniture, metal and wooden garden furniture are all very good options when it comes to enhancing your patio or garden. Today I look at teak garden furniture as an option for your home and property..

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What plants for garden under window north side?

I moved last fall and plan to rip up redo the garden here. I dont know what zone im considered but im in southeast kansas. This garden isnt huge but not bad sized for below the window its about 3ft deep and 4-5ft wide right up to the house. My house faces north. There are no trees around so no issue there. Just want something to get a good start for the spring.

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You're in USDA hardiness zone 7a. :)
You could grow a lot of stuff, depending on what kind of look your going for. Boxwoods might be nice closer to the house as sort of a background for the other plants. I like daylilies because they look good and are really easy.Hydrangeas would be good too! Just put the ones that grow bigger in the back and the shorter ones in the front, obvioulsy. I;m not sure what kind of plants ya like or the amount of sun, drainage etc... in the area you're doing the garden.. so not really sure what to reccomend. Sorry!

This website has a good selection and lists the plant zone though- you could browse it or whatever. :) Good luck!! :)